Margaret Finch

Project Manager/Biologist

Margaret Finch is a passionate and knowledgeable biologist who has graced Sequoia with her presence since 2015. Specializing in wildlife monitoring, biological compliance, habitat restoration, and permitting, Margaret holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology & Anthropology from Oberlin College. Margaret fell in love with the natural world growing up in New England, where she spent her summers catching frogs, turtles, and salamanders, and joining her parents on Christmas bird counts.

While Margaret is passionate about many of the species we work with at Sequoia, her favorite would have to be the burrowing owl. When asked what her favorite part about working at Sequoia is, Margaret replied: “going out in the field with my amazingly talented and knowledgeable coworkers.“ Although Margaret is often busy managing the everyday hurdles presented by large-scale projects, she still occasionally brings her expertise to the field. When out, she stays fueled up with her favorite field snacks: plantain chips and coconut water. Speaking of fieldwork, when asked if she has a favorite field memory or story Margaret described a memorable day: “during my study abroad in Namibia, I was chased by a pair of lions.”

When she is not hard at work at Sequoia, Margaret enjoys many hobbies and pastimes such as cooking, gardening, and traveling around the west coast with her partner and dogs in their camper van.

Thank you, Margaret, for all your hard work and dedication. We are so lucky to have you on our team!