Life is short-you should love your work! We believe our employees are our greatest strength, and we work hard to ensure that all members of our staff feel fulfilled and valued. We invest considerable time and effort in preparing our staff to constantly take on new and expanded roles and responsibilities. The people who thrive at Sequoia are hungry for knowledge, thirsty for new experiences, and eager to go outside their comfort zone.

Sequoia’s biologists are trained to work across all of our services and markets, from utilities to private clients, and from construction environmental compliance to restoration planning and implementation. We train all levels of staff in all areas of consulting as well. They learn how to develop cost estimates, the scopes of work, and full, complete proposals. They learn the financial aspects of consulting as well as the applied aspects. In the field, our biologists are trained across many disciplines, so although they may be wildlife biologists, they will learn to identify rare plants as well as understand and apply stormwater best management practices, for example.

Sequoia offers a unique team-based culture with a corporate commitment to maintaining a positive work-life experience and creating a diverse “ecosystem” that fosters the exchange of ideas from all perspectives. In 2021, our staff launched our Sequoia Coalition for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (SCEID) initiative to ensure our company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is carried throughout our services and culture.

Sequoia provides excellent compensation and a comprehensive benefits package, including career advancement opportunities, training, and professional growth opportunities, and health and dental insurance, matching 401k, paid training time off, mental wellness, as well as vision and dental reimbursable accounts, and corporate pet insurance.

Our Walnut Creek office is pet-friendly, and you’ll be welcomed by a multitude of Sequoia’s pet ambassadors if you decide to visit us.



Sequoia is currently looking for qualified, self-motivated biologists for permanent and on-call positions. If you have a bachelor’s degree and experience in field biology and would like to explore opportunities at Sequoia, please e-mail or fax your cover letter and resume to our Human Resources team at [email protected] or 510-439-1104 (fax).


Sequoia Ecological Consulting, Inc. is a woman-owned environmental consulting firm serving private, federal, and public sector clients throughout California.  Sequoia offers a unique company culture with a corporate commitment to maintaining a positive work/life experience. Sequoia provides excellent compensation and comprehensive benefits packages, including career advancement opportunities, outstanding training opportunities, and excellent health and dental insurance.

Sequoia is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

“I’ve worked with the Sequoia team on dozens of projects covering a wide variety of scales, complexities, and biological resource issues throughout California. They’ve always maintained high technical standards and integrity, are easy to work with, and are extremely professional in their approach. Trust is an important quality in any professional collaboration, and it’s been an important factor in my work with the Sequoia team. When I’ve conducted wetland and botanical studies as a subconsultant to Sequoia, they’ve provided me with all the resources I’ve needed to complete the task without any micromanaging or interference. It’s been a pleasure working with Sequoia and I look forward to the continued collaboration in the future.”

“I have been very fortunate to work with many outstanding companies during my nearly two decades working as a consulting wildlife biologist. Sequoia has consistently been one of my favorites with an excellent group of professionals that have also become my friends. Thank you for the many years of collaborations and I look forward to many more future years together!

I have worked as a wildlife subconsultant for Sequoia for nearly a decade and during this time I have nothing but great things to say about their staff and management. It has always been a pleasure to work with Sequoia’s biologists and planners and I look forward to each new collaboration.

Sequoia has been one of my favorite companies to work with when I conduct wildlife studies for environmental clearances. Their professionalism and abilities are outstanding and my interactions with Sequoia have been top notch.”


Sequoia would be happy to discuss how we can assist you with your project.
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